Help! I have had a very difficult time with this whole process and am desperate for some advice. I was tentatively approved to palace chase 20 July 16. My ISR did not find me a job. I had to get my chief involved and he found me one. My ISR told me she has completed the 1288 and submitted it but nothing has updated in my CMS. My ISR is also in the middle of PCSing. My DOS is 18 Jan 17 which is two months away and I have no idea what to do. Once a 1288 is submitted should CMS update? How long did it take everyone to get final approval once their 1288 is submitted. How long did it take to get orders once their 1288? Am I even going to have time to out process? I'm supposed to start school 11 January 17. I have 45 days of leave. I am in full blown panic mode. Is there a person or body at AFPC that I can ask if my ISR actually submitted my 1288.