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    I'm currently a SrA in the 3D0X2 AFSC. My career field is manned at 98% for SrA across the AF according to the Career Field Manager I spoke with. I am attempting to Palace Chase in order to better provide for my spouse as well as my first child that is being born in April 2017. I will try to keep this post up to date as I see movement in the process.

    19 Sep 2016 - Submitted PC Application
    26 Sep 2016- Application referred to 'Assignments' - According to POC from Palace Chase team, they have 7 to 10 business days to provide their initial recommendation. As of today 03 Oct, they have until 10 Oct to respond (Date assumption based off of PC team not accounting the date they received the application.)
    05 Oct 16: Received a phone call that I was tentatively approved! It had been over a week since Assignments had the application and two weeks since the submission date but my Squadron Superintendent (SMSgt) had sent an email up to the career field functional manager yesterday 04 Oct and poof! Today was called at home by my ISR stating I was approved and that we just have to lock in my Reserve units endorsement and will be good to go!
    18 Oct 16: Received my final approval today! Entire process took just under one month! Best of luck to everyone!
    My best advice to anyone else that is attempting to go this route in their career:
    - In your justification, speak from the heart. It doesn't need to be a novel but it does need to express why exactly your circumstances would be bettered through the Palace Chase program.
    I.E I didn't just write some pity letter to hopefully be granted lieniency. I stated that my personal circumstances had changed, what my contingency plan would be prior to arriving at my Reserve unit.
    - Being upfront and letting all of your leadership up the chain know about your intention to apply. This also allows them time to adjust the manning/movement of your shops and process the reasoning behind it.
    -It's a stressful and unpredictable waiting game but I'm very thankful for this forum because other individuals had mentioned how their senior leadership helped them out and I can't help but to agree as my tentative approval was submitted less than 24 hours after my Superintendent sent an email to the functional.

    Best of luck to all who are still waiting on the proceeds and to those who choose to take this route.
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