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    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the forum but have been reading over a lot of the posts and haven't seen anything about trying to Palace Chase while deployed. I've contacted the ISR but they are in the middle of a change-over so getting replies has been a nightmare.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to start the application process while deployed? I am trying to separate around November and I'll be returning from this trip around mid-September. I've got a fantastic job lined up and I would really hate to turn it down. It doesn't come available very often.

    With that being said, I have 11 years in and my DOS is 11May2017 so I'll only be trying to separate about 6 months early. I don't think that should be a big deal. They are guarenting a ANG a body instead of holding them for 6 more months to truely cut ties.

    What do you all think? Is it possible? Does anyone have a checklist that I can start working on to get things prepared?

    I really appreciate any feedback if possible!

    Thanks much!

  • #2 If you scroll to the bottom of the ang faq's page, you will see a section called air force to ang. Under that section it talks about going guard while deployed, it mentions how you can apply for the program 45 days before you return from your deployment. Best of luck, hope this helped!